The VitaJuwel method

In case you already knew about the beneficial effects of gemstones on water, you probably put the gems directly in the water. This way, you also experienced that your gems had to be thoroughly scrubbed on a regular basis and due to that process became dull over the time.

As the gems in the VitaJuwel are sealed inside the vial, they don't have to be cleaned and stay bright and shiny over the years.

You probably also heard of the dangers of choosing stones that release toxic substances into the water or using crystals impregnated with artificial resins.

VitaJuwel relieves you of these worries. The gems inside the vial - though already carefully selected - don't come in contact with the water. A pollution of the water by the gems is impossible.

Although the gems don't come in direct physical contact with the water, the vial maintains their power of vitalizing the surrounding water, acting like a natural prism for the crystal's radiant energy. This effect can be tasted by sensual water lovers and has been proven by lab analysis.

VitaJuwel is the most hygienic and efficient method to prepare and enjoy fresh gemwater!

Yes... it works. Here is the proof!

The scientific survey by Institute Hagalis, an international research laboratory for the quality analyses of edibles, water etc. provides proof of VitaJuwel effectiveness through scientific analyses.

A neutral sample with tap water from Ueberlingen at Lake Constance, Germany and a sample of the same water after being treated with VitaJuwel.

Within this test, two samples were examined:
Results of the scientific survey

  • distinct improvement of tap water quality
  • neutralization of harmful substances
  • improvement of the pH-value and oxygen content
  • increase in bioavailability of minerals
  • raise of energy balance
  • increase of vital powers
  • quality level otherwise only known in natural spring water
  • high biological valance

Summarizing assessment:
The treatment with VitaJuwel resulted in very clear quality improvements in both biological as well as technical regard. Compared to the neutral sample or to other comparable tap waters a significant quality increase was measured.

For this reason, the sample is reaching a quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water.