inu! Crystal Jar | Amber

For use with the inu! CRYSTAL DIY bottle range

The "Gold of the Sea" is a precious talisman and turns negative energy into positive.

amber - clear quartz

inu! Crystal Jars are the perfect add-on for the inu! bottle to explore its full potential. They are professionally blended with the help of naturopaths and gemologists. Each blend is based on age-old traditions and includes CERTIFIED fair-traded and hand-picked gems from all parts of the world.

Amber is the "Gold of the Sea" and has been revered as one of the world's oldest treasures. It's a powerful talisman, highly prized in crystal healing traditions for its bright and soothing energy. Amber is said to be a natural purifier for the mind and a protective shield against negative energy.

Comes With -glass jar, polypropylene lid (BPA free), genuine gemstones

EAN 4260228312668
Comes With glass jar, genuine gemstones
Dimensions & Weight height 55 mm | diameter 70 mm
Material glass, polypropylene (BPA free), gemstones
Care Hand-Wash. Clean with warm soapy water.

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Category: Crystal Jars

Type: INU!

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