VitaJuwel Decanter Grande (7 litre)

Start thinking about water in a new dimension. Where elegance meets functionality. Where drinking a glass of water from a fountain is more than just quenching your thirst. Where pure water resembling spring water comes in a beautiful vessel with a seemingly free-floating vial full of precious gems. This is where Grande is born from perfection. A gemwater fountain like no other. Designed in the German alps, Grande stands for puristic clarity. Imagine Grande in a downtown boutique, a trendy gallery, a cosmopolitan coffee shop, a cozy home, a tranquil spa, a holistic doctor’s office, an upbeat club, a bright and modern jewellery store. Grande is the state-of-the-art solution for all environments to serve more than just a few cups of water to guests or thirsty family members. It holds 7 liters of gem water and works with all of the 18 available blends of the regular-sized VitaJuwel gemstone vials. Grande has an extra-large top opening to make cleaning as easy as 1-2-3- The stainless steel faucet is absolutely leak proof due to its Teflon seal. The diameter is just 20 centimetres. Grande comes in a set that includes the decanter (plus lid and faucet) and the glass stand. A large variety of gemstone vials are available separately.

Welcome to a new dimension of gemwater!

(does not come with gemstone vial, the vial and decanter are shown for illustrative purposes only)

Not Dishwasher Safe

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